Bridal Nights


Choosing a gown, the lingerie and accessories is an important event. These are the most important purchases you will ever make. Everything about your appearance on that special day has to be just right. We know just how important it is – and how easy it can be to feel stressed, worried and concerned about making the right decision.

Often it can be easier in the comfort of your own home. This is much more relaxed, familiar environment. You can even turn it into a little party for special friends and relatives. Why not invite your bridesmaids along and choose their dresses at the same time. We’ll even bring a free gift and a bottle of bubbly to give a more relaxed, luxurious experience.

In the fun of choosing a beautiful, stupendous gown, it can be easy to forget the accessories and lingerie that will enhance your appearance. With a Bridal Nights experience, you can take a close look at ranges of wonderful silk, satin and lace lingerie designed to make you feel on top of the world throughout your special day. Don’t forget too the special lingerie for your wedding night!

Think about the accessories you will need. Some dresses may need hoops or decorative underskirts. Are you planning to wear a delicate veil, tiara or have flowers in your hair? What colour and style of shoes would work best with your gown?

A Bridal Night is the perfect way to make these decisions away from the stress of the high street, in the familiar surroundings of your home.

All we ask is that you do not wear any makeup throughout the event. This will ensure that the precious gowns, lingerie and accessories are not blemished in any way.